Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lesbian Sex 101

Whether you are a young boi and need a couple pointers & new ideas, or you are referring your curious straight friends to us, The Archer Boiz are here to help. If there is something we Archers are good at, it’s sex. Our Sagittarius sign dictates we are all animal instinct from the waist down! This ain’t for the stone butches out there... We actually like our clits played with... as good and often as possible! Here are some of our favorite positions and some useful techniques.
SCISSORING: One of the best, or for some of us, THEE best sexual position because of its uniqueness of only being able to be done by two women. Scissoring is when two girls are both between each other’s legs and grinding or “tribing” as some call it. Boiz, if you’re on top, hold your girl’s leg straight up against your chest and grind her to heaven. If your girl is on top, you can lay back and watch her move her hips in that sexy way only girls can do. If you’re lucky, scissoring can be done to the point of orgasm.
Tips: Opening your and your partners lips with your fingers can help match up your clits. Also, using a little lube can be helpful to cut down on the friction.
FINGERING: Boiz, We have those strong, manly hands for a reason, to please our girl with them! However, just don’t go at it like a pile driver; there are various spots that feel good. Some girls like more pressure along the bottom, near the entrance, and some like it deep, towards the g-spot. If you want to hit the g-spot, when your girl is on her back, make your fingers do the “come here” motion inside of her. When you hit that right spot, her lips will close so tight around your fingers, you won’t be able to move them! The best part about using your hands is that it can be done in any position, with no equipment necessary.
Tips: Very few girls can cum through intercourse alone. Use your thumb or palm to massage the clit while you finger your girl. Try licking your fingers or better yet, have your girl lick your fingers before inserting them. It really has no purpose, but it looks fucking hot! Also, a warning... hitting the g-spot may cause your girl to squirt female ejaculate!
ORAL SEX: God help the lesbian who doesn’t enjoy the scent and the taste of a good pussy! This is the holy grail of most lesbians, and when done right, the end results are amazing. Oral sex includes the licking/sucking of the clit, lips, perineum, and anus. Some girls prefer having the tip of the tongue used, while some prefer the flatter part of the tongue. In addition, some girls like the clitoral hood pulled up to expose the clit, while others may find its exposure too sensitive. A repetitive, and/or circular motion on the clit will ensure an earth-shattering orgasm.
Tips: If your neck and jaw start cramping, try resting your head against her leg... OR, even better, have your girl sit on your face while you give her oral. You get an excellent view when you look up! For extra stimulation, try sticking your fingers in softly and see if you can lead your girl to multiple orgasms.
HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Using strap-ons, vibrators, and dildos can be a very intimate and personal experience, so it is best to go with your partner to shop for one. When considering a strap-on, the harness wearer needs to consider the size, material, and type of harness to wear, while the receiver can choose the proper length, width, and color of her dildo. If you’re not sure which one to get, ask the people working there, they will help guide you and your lady in the right direction. The person penetrating needs to be very conscious of her partners needs... Make sure she is wet enough, or use lube before going inside her. It helps to start with the fingers first. Let your partner guide you concerning how she wants it, whether its faster, harder, rougher, or slower since its hard for the harness wearer to gauge the pressure and sensation. Plus it’s a good reason to get your partner to talk dirty to ya!

Tips: Penetrate up, not towards the spine of your partner. If you prefer, doggy style allows for deeper penetration. And boiz, don’t get overenthusiastic and forget to stimulate your partner’s clit! If the idea of wearing a strap-on isn’t hot enough for you, a vibrating egg can be used within the harness to stimulate you while you penetrate your partner.
Also, Safety First Playas: Lesbian Safe Sex

These are just the basics... Stay tuned for Lesbian Sex 102 when we really get down and dirty... So whatcha think boiz? Any other tips & tricks you’ve learned and care to share?


  1. i like what u sad i find doing in a car well it running to be hot because of the vibrations there was one night my wife and i we using a didlo it was on our first night and she was in the red it was so hot she squarted man i just losted it i cam with out being touched it was awasom i knew that night i had to marrie her and we did two years later and she is 12 years older i love being the young boistud in bed makes me fell awasom so to all of u older lesbian young studs are the way to go will rock you all night

  2. Wow poet.. you gave me so many ideas for future posts... sex in cars, older women...!

  3. I love the Archers! That photo of Syd hurts me in all the right places!!!!

  4. No the you do not aim at the bottom that is rectum YOU AIM UP