Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Ten Brunettes

So the Archer Boiz were sitting around, thinking about how to go about making a top ten list of beautiful and wonderfully hot women. I mean, there are soooo many! There we were, naming all of our favorite girls when we realized they were all brunettes! Ha! I guess the Archer Boiz dig the dark-haired girls! Yes, I realize there are beautiful women of all colors, ages, sizes, and gender, therefore we have decided that this list is only the beginning of a series of Top Ten Lists. We also debated whether or not to rank them... Syd says yes, but I am the one writing today, and I say there is no way I can choose which lady is lovelier than the next. 

Here are the Archer Boiz Top Ten Brunettes in NO particular order.

10. Angelina Jolie

Over ten years ago she gave us all hope when she came out as bisexual. It also helps that she is absolutely gorgeous!

9. Mila Kunis

She is soo small, petite, and has the cutest voice! She is the perfect lil sex kitten to find curled up next to you in the morning.

 8. Lea Michele

Why? Well, Glee is currently one of hottest TV shows and here I was avoiding it because I thought it was only for femmes and gay men! Maybe it's the outfit, or maybe it's her, but I sure do wish this had been my locker room in high school!

7. Vanessa Marcil

She is the best thing to come out of daytime television... and although she has been in tons of canceled TV shows, we are waiting for the one that will have her on our screen weekly... hopefully scantily clad...

 6. Shannyn Sossamon

It is about time I learn her name and stop referring to her as "that one girl I am in love with... from that one movie... what's it called? Oh, The Rules of Attraction."

5. Nicole Scherzinger

I've been obsessed with this girl ever since I saw a day-long marathon of Popstars on MTV...

4. Monica Belluci

Every time I see her I am caught off guard at how beautiful and breathtaking she appears! Plus, speaking in an accent is always hot!
3. Megan Fox

She is kinda reminiscent of a young, bi, and reckless Angelina... Not to mention the fact that she is posing like this...Yikes!

2. Sophia Vergara

She is our latest obsession. Not only are we able to see her weekly on the hilariously funny Modern Family, but she is always looking sooo damn hot too!

1. Kim Kardashian

Every time I see her these Doors lyrics circle in my head, "Give me a woman, make her ten feet tall, Give me a woman I can... oh, oh! All night looonggg!" 

Do you agree with our pics for Top Ten Brunettes boiz? Are we missing any hotties?


  1. I am so glad that Sofia Vergara is on your list, god damn she is hot!! I have a few names from my personal brunnette favorites, as follows, in no particular order:

    Beyonce-Puts the sexy Culo in RiduCULOus!!

    Rhianna-I'd like to get her under my umbrella ella ella... and I wouldn't punch her in the mouth!

    Miranda Kerr-Even though she's pregnant right now, she is still hot!

    Aishwarya Rai-Damn this woman is ridiculous with her infinite sexyness!!

    The Olivias- Olivia Munn and Olivia Wilde, two super hot brunnettes, so hot, I can look past the fact that they have my mom's name!

    Eva Longoria-Cute! tiny! funny! rockin body!

    Natalie Portman, I have had a crush on her forever!!

    Alicia Keys-Damn, why can't she just come out of the closet already!! Too bad she got knocked up by some douchey fucker...

    Emmanuelle Chriqui- She played Sloan on entourage and stole my heart with her sexy voice and bangin' body

    There's also a few of the Disney channel hotties, but maybe I'll wait till they are of legal age to disclose their names... ;P

  2. Cynthia... Love your suggestions!
    We are definitely including many of the girls you mentioned on future lists... Remember, these are only the brunettes! I can forsee soo many more lists! Oh yeah... the Disney ones would def be on the jail bait list : /

  3. Selena Gomez is Hot! To young But Hot! Ciara.. That pic of Megan Fox almost made me choke!!