Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guide to the New Transmasculine Clothing

When Boi Meets Play first began two years ago, one of our main goals was to popularize the "Boi" Style. Too often masculine women have become the butt of jokes, the awkward character, and basically a negative stereotype driven by mullets, flannels,and Birkenstocks. However, this wasn't what I was seeing emerge in my community. I was witnessing a renaissance of fashionable boiz creating their own unique looks using vintage, men's, and women's clothing. In fact, in the past few years, boiz have not just been curating their looks, they are designing and manufacturing their own clothing lines. It is indeed an exciting time to be a boi!!!

Early Designers

It seems 2004 was a pivotal year in female-masculine clothing as two daring clothing lines, Studded and Rigged Outfitters, made their debut. Although they are no longer in production, these trailblazers definitely were on the forefront of what was to come. If you are curious where these daring entrepreneurs are now, dont fret, Aisha Pew is the Assistant Store Manager at Bloomingdale's, B. Cole is the founder of The Brown Boi Project, and Parisa Parnian is the Senior Designer at G by Guess.

Studded 2004: B.Cole and Aisha Pew
SF Gate: New Label Throws a Fashion Curve

Rigged Outfitters 2004: Parisa Parnian
Rigged Outfitters

Current and Up-and-Coming Designers

Marimacho- http://marimachobk.com/

From Website-
"The Marimacho aesthetic incorporates elements of dandyism, urban subculture and vintage sophistication. Long gone are the fashion stereotypes of the tragically unstylish masculine women; the modern queer aesthetic is dapper, edgy and unapologetically sexy. This is Marimacho’s inspiration."

Hautebutch- http://www.hautebutch.com/

From website-
"Hautebutch provides cutting-edge androgynous looks and sizzling style that empower women that prefer a fitted, menswear inspired look. Our fashion collection presents tough on the outside yet tender to the heart of the butch identity."

Original Tomboy- https://www.theoriginaltomboy.com/

From Website-
"Originl Tomboy developed out of a necessity for something new and fresh in today's womenswear landscape. It is a collection designed for women who re-define what it means to dress "like a girl," creating a forward yet timeless option for fit and style. Homegrown in Kentucky, Original Tomboy has distilled a new genre of clothing for women, one which welds the sensibility of vintage dress with modern design aesthetics. Through an unspoken strength characteristic of an Original Tomboy."

Fourteen- http://fourteenstyle.com/

From website-
"Fourteen is a clothing line of ready to wear suits and accessories especially for lesbian, queer, and trans weddings and events. Our mission is to be the leader in design and manufacturing of clothes for women, androgynous, queer and trans persons who do not identify with the traditional design of female clothing or the cut and fit of men’s clothing. All of our clothes are proudly made in the USA of the finest available fabrics."

Kreuzbach10- https://www.facebook.com/Kreuzbach10#!/Kreuzbach10

From Facebook-

"Kreuzbach 10 makes men's shirts, cut to fit women's bodies. Our shirts are designed to be straight up what you'd expect to find in the men's department; Primary colours, geometric patterns, no frills. However unlike shirts in the men's department Kreuzbach10 shirts are
cut to fit female bodies. We know that women's shoulders, chests, waists and hips are in different ratios to men, but furthermore in different ratios to each other. That’s why we have developed our core 3 cuts that cater to different body shapes and we hope to expand to more cuts as the brand grows. We're clear about which shirt is which cut, so if you buy one that fits you like a glove, its easy to find more that will make you look just as hot."

Bespoke Tailors

The Butch Clothing Company- http://thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk/

From Website-"The concept of our brand is simple. Butches are women; they are women who choose to wear men’s style clothing. Although let us be clear, since launching the business we have had a multitude of clients all of whom identify in many different ways and as a company we welcome everybody! Lesbian Clothing is a niche market. It has proved very difficult for many years for gay women to find attire perfect for them. Now with the world changing and gay women being legally recognized to marry many are looking for lesbian wedding outfits. They want these suits not just for their big day but for many years to come so we help all our clients design suits specifically for them & for their lifestyle."

Tomboy Tailors- http://tomboytailors.com/

From Website-

Tomboy Tailors is a fine clothier specializing in custom-made suits and shirts of the finest quality that are made-to-measure in the material, cut and fit that you want. Our customers are butch/boi lesbians, trans-masculine individuals, and women of any identity who have a strong sense of self-expression and like to wear fine custom-made clothing. Our vision is to provide everyone with a place where they can be themselves and experience excellent service, style, and quality. We also offer accessories and men’s shoes in a variety of sizes.

Sharpe Suiting- https://www.facebook.com/#!/SharpeSuiting

From Facebook-
Bespoke and custom-constructed suits with an intellectual approach and a classic feel. Located in Los Angeles.
We are curious and moved by elegance. Inspired by social context. Undefined by gender binaries. We create a classic silhouette with intellectual detail. Pressed and Tailored.
40% Classic. 60% Intellectual. 100% Covetable.

Duchess Clothier- http://www.duchessclothier.com/pages/rainbow-collection

From Website-
"The Ladies of Duchess recognize that people of a vast rainbow of genders want to wear incredible suits that fit right!
As proponents of human rights, marriage equality, and equal style opportunities for all, Duchess is proud to offer the Rainbow Collection: any and all of our suits and garments made to fit any styles and body types.
With particular care and awareness of a wide range of suit-wearing possibilities — from a masculine fit on curvy female frame to a more feminine fit on a burly male physique and everything in between, common shopping issues around fit and gender are thrown out the window at Duchess.
We know how to get you the fit in a suit that you want, and we make the process fun and comfortable!"

Saint Harridan- http://www.saintharridan.com/

From Website- Saint Harridan makes you look like you. 
On your Best Day. On your Boldest Day. 
We make high quality suits that make heads turn. We believe in staking a claim. 
If you feel right in a suit, wear one. 
Get up. Suit up. Show up. 

The fact that I can actually make a whole list of transmasculine designers is amazing! This is indeed an incredible time to be a boi! Please feel free to let me know if I missed any other designers, or if you know of any new designers. I look forward to adding on more designers as new talent emerges!  


  1. This is currently a Kickstarter, but Saint Harridan is scheduled to open up shop this upcoming spring: http://www.saintharridan.com/


  2. Thank you Samii! We have added Saint Harridan onto the list :)

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