Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bois Not Being at the Gym!

I hope you enjoy this fun little departure from reality and I would like to thank Ms. Shalimar for always being supportive of the Bois! Enjoy!
     ~Shae Archer, writer/editor, Boi Meets Play

Fantasy in the Free Weights
By Miss Shalimar Eaton

Today I decided to visit the downtown Cincinnati gym instead of the fancy, new location I usually attend.

I admit I was unfamiliar with the older machines. The smell was very unpleasant to me and there were many 55 to 60 year old men bantering.

“Well, it’s two o’clock Henry, isn’t this cutting into your white Russian time?” the sweaty old dude asks the other sweaty old dude.
UGH! “Where are the hot Bois?” I hear myself ask.

I am finished with the treadmill. I leave all of the “man talk” and head over to the free weights where my dream has manifested.

There is a hot Boi standing in the mirror lifting 40 lb. free weights with each arm. Dark thick hair, sides dripping with just a tad of sweat. A boxer waist band catches my gaze. It peeks out from the top of grey perfectly fitted gym wear with each repetition, the white t-shirt, missing its sleeves, rises and falls.

Photo credit to Nancy Schafer and special thanks for their submission to Juli aka "Brick"
Suddenly I am not just some obvious lesbo in the straight gym oh no…Now I am a hot-Boi, stalking femme. I feel my energy shift and I slip into prowl mode…Meow.

Everything else in the room seems to vanish like I am looking through a telescope at one star. I see nothing but this beautiful athletic spectacle before me. I change course and head over to the fly where I can sit with a perfect angle to cultivate my ambush.

I have a plan. I walk into the free weight area behind her making sure my reflection in the mirror is just to her left.

She sees me. I smile my “You are so hot” smile, head slightly to the side displaying a bit of shy femme body language. As I lift my 15 lb. weights from the rack, she is finishing. She puts her weights down and turns to give me a confident smile.

I was stretching. The commercial on the TV grabbed my attention. It was a commercial for something called "The Pocket Hose" I could not hide my silly smile I got up to actually check the TV and there it was Pockethose.com. Given my thoughts at the gym and my erotica series with a lot of Bois who "pack" the term pocket hose cracked me up!

“I love the gym so much!” I think to myself. “I just can’t wait to come back every day, yes every day!”

Another Boi makes her way over, they know each other and I think “Wow! This is getting even better!”

This of course never happened because there are NEVER any Bois at the YMCA. Where are you? It would make going to the gym so much better if you were there. So I am asking very sweetly…Can you please, please, please, supply some visual pleasure for me by going to the gym?

All I ask for is that in the winter, wear some urban gym gear (hot, hot, hot) including a hoodie and a beanie and in the summer go with that clean basketball player look LOL but don’t forget the boxers peeking out over the work out pants/shorts thing…yes please do not forget that.
Femmes are at the gym, Meet us there!
24, 25, 26…..

Cufflinks and Fishnets,
Shalimar Eaton



  1. The stretching and the pocket hose commercial actually happened...strange timing!!!
    Love to all. Now be good Bois and go to the gym.

  2. Thanks for using my picture. I'll make sure to show those boxers next time I see you Shalimar.

  3. Very Cool! Miss you Brick and Shalimar!~Joni

  4. You need to come to the UK, I'm a Boi fitness instructor and I'm in there 5-6 mornings, beanie and boxers. You'll have to put up with 22lbs in each arm for now though, love!

  5. Hayley! Thank you for giving me hope! Beanie A N D boxers? Oh Lawdy help me! Keep it pumpin'!